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Journey Allen

Humanities Instructor


Artist, entrepreneur, writer, scholar, and master community educator, Journey Allen is a powerhouse of many talents.  Born and raised in New Orleans, she is dedicated to sharing the love, culture, and liberation that have proven so instrumental to her life's great successes with our young people.  In addition to her career as an educator, she runs her own studio in the city's historic 7th Ward Community. Recognized by her use of vibrant colors, Journey Allen creates works that capture the celebratory aspects of New Orleans culture that is indigenous to the lineage of its historically African American communities. With her signature design of an abstract interpretation of hand-woven African fabric acting as the backdrop to many of her works, the artist strives to pay homage to her ancestors while also creating a sense of movement, rhythm, and celebration within each piece. Defying the odds presented by an art instructor who once said she was “practically unteachable” and “could never learn to paint well enough to become a professional artist,” Journey received a BA in Fine Arts from Texas Southern University, now owns a gallery-painting studio after her namesake, and is also a multidisciplinary educator in both formal and community-based settings.

Our Community Board of Directors

We are governed by a Board of dedicated community members who bring diverse expertise and perspectives to help us build a school that improves New Orleans.


Ifátùmínínú Bamgbàlà Arẹ̀sà, MT

Academic, Culture, & Evaluation Committee


Ifátùmínínú is the Education Director for the Music Box Village working at the intersection of arts & education.  She is a third generation educator and a third generation Xavierite from New Orleans.  She graduated with a degree in Film and Video from Columbia College of Chicago and aMasters in Education from Xavier University of Louisiana, working as an educator for over a decade. As a teacher, she regularly teamed up with visual artists to incorporate art into different subject areas. Kelsi has taught both in the United Statesand in Tanzania and has led professional development to teachers in both countries and in Nigeria. She specializes in educational leadership and secondary math. She is also working on her own projects as an emerging photographer, performance artist and creative.

Join Our Board!

We are seeking diverse community leaders for the 2019-22 Term!

Living School's Family Council has two elected representatives on the Board of Directors: one being the Family Council Chair (or another Family Council Officer appointed by the Chair) and the second being a parent/guardian elected by their peers who is not otherwise an officer of the Family Council (to be referred to as the Family Board Member).


Family members looking to join the Board should reach out to the Family Council.

Family member election to the Board shall proceed in the same manner all Board members are elected to the Board in accordance with Living School’s Bylaws and the Board’s Election Policies.  All Board nominations and elections are overseen by the Governance Committee of the Board of Directors.


Board Meetings & Resources

See the calendar below for all upcoming meetings.

All meetings take place at Living School.

All are welcome at Living School Board Meetings.  Translation is available with 24 hours notice.  Public comment is welcome on any item on the agenda.  Members of the public wishing to comment may raise their hand and be recognized by the Board or Committee Chair to speak for up to 2 minutes per person, per agenda item.  On any matter up for a vote, public comment must be heard prior to taking the Board's vote.  For members of the public wishing to address the Board for longer than 2 minutes on any given agenda item, please give the Board Chair at least 24 hours notice to be added to the agenda.

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